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Sunday, December 10, 2006
  Blue Hills
Al fin de noviembre, dimos nuestra ultima caminata del ano. (Pero, quiza no, porque este invierno hace mucho calor). La Reservacion Colinas Azules se situa al sur de Boston. Abajo esta una mapa -- nuestro camino es marcado en puntos rojos.

At the end of November, we took our last hike of the year. (But, perhaps not, because this winter it is very warm.) The Blue Hills Reservation is situated to the south of Boston. Below is a map -- our path is marked in red dots:

La Torre Eliot/Eliot Tower

Senal de dedicatoria acerca de la Torre Eliot

Dedicatory sign near Eliot Tower:

La vista de la ciudad desde la reservacion

The view of the city from the reservation

Otro senal

Another sign

Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory.

La luna del crepusculo

Dusky moon

Friday, December 08, 2006
  Alien invasions
An obsessive alien from the planet Bloglodyte has executed a hostile takeover of my blog. Said alien transmutated a topic of my conversation and converted it into a blog entry, against my will. To protect alien's identity, said entry has been run through spellcheck.

Highway 110. This beautiful stretch of road connects Lawrence Mass to Lowell Mass. This satellite photo doesn't do it justice:

The highway follows the Merrimack River, a magestic stream. I wish I had a camera. But I guess you'll just have to trust me, go see it for yourself, it's worth the trip! (Not really worth the trip, but if you have to get from Lawrence to Lowell in a jiffy, much better than the 495 ~ Tulula).


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