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Saturday, September 15, 2007
  My Map of Survey Markers
Click on the map below to see where all the survey markers that I've visited are located.

If you click on teach tag, a picture of the marker pops up.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007
  Mount Cardigan
A quick post in English, or this will never get posted.

For Labor Day weekend, we went camping near Mount Cardigan in Alexandria, New Hampshire. The mountain was glistening with seams of marble and sparkling mica. Very beautiful hike. When we got there, a stag was prancing around and almost jumped in our car! I also saw wild turkeys and a slithering black and yellow striped snake.

See the pics below:

Our tour guide


The mush we ate -- Trader Joe's ready to eat rice in a bag, plus some garden cherry tomatoes

Atop Mt. Cardigan
Some ancient graffiti

Ahhh . . . these gems of survey markers -- the real reason I go on these hikes

Tower atop of Mt. Cardigan -- look at that marble!

Some toadstools.

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