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Wednesday, November 16, 2016
  Eight years later . . .
. . . and we've done a 180.

It seems that all the racists and sexists out there now think they rule the world and can misbehave with impunity.

We'll have to hold fast to our values and stand our ground for the next 2 or 4 or 8 years.  No matter what destruction they plan for our written laws, we the American people need to demonstrate again and again that a commitment to diversity, tolerance and compassion flows eternally through our veins.   

Saturday, June 07, 2008
  This picture brings me great joy
Saturday, February 09, 2008
  Proud of My Homestate
I've been reading blog reports of Seattle area caucus-goers, and it has been giving me such a high. I was chased away from the Pacific Northwest by the rain and gray skies, but would want to move back there for the political climate and the fabulously friendly people.

The reports of the turnout are incredible, like double what they saw in 2004. How exciting!

Super Tuesday in my present homestate did not favor my candidate, however I was very delighted to read in the neighborhood paper that my neighborhood (which I canvassed) and city, Boston, favored him, along with surrounding towns Cambridge, Somerville and Brookline.

I was so grateful to all those inland states that I've never visited for keeping his candidacy alive. I need to go to those states and pay them homage someday.

His candidacy, these turnouts, the positive results in so many unexpected places are all working together to drive away the pessimism that the war generated in this country.
Saturday, January 26, 2008
  Enjoying the Moment, Even if it's Brief
The exit polls in South Carolina are telling me what I want to hear. After the 2000 election, I've learned not to trust the projections of polls and the media, at all. But I think for these few moments, before the actual returns come in, I'll savor this victory, even if it is still but a dream. And enjoy that justice was delivered upon those who were willing to sacrifice dignity and honesty just to win. If just for a few moments.
Saturday, September 15, 2007
  My Map of Survey Markers
Click on the map below to see where all the survey markers that I've visited are located.

If you click on teach tag, a picture of the marker pops up.

View Larger Map
Saturday, September 08, 2007
  Mount Cardigan
A quick post in English, or this will never get posted.

For Labor Day weekend, we went camping near Mount Cardigan in Alexandria, New Hampshire. The mountain was glistening with seams of marble and sparkling mica. Very beautiful hike. When we got there, a stag was prancing around and almost jumped in our car! I also saw wild turkeys and a slithering black and yellow striped snake.

See the pics below:

Our tour guide


The mush we ate -- Trader Joe's ready to eat rice in a bag, plus some garden cherry tomatoes

Atop Mt. Cardigan
Some ancient graffiti

Ahhh . . . these gems of survey markers -- the real reason I go on these hikes

Tower atop of Mt. Cardigan -- look at that marble!

Some toadstools.
Sunday, August 12, 2007
  California Chronicle
Mas temprano este mes, fui de vacaciones en la hermosa region de California nortena. Fui de camping, estuve de pie en el labio del crater de un volcan, comi demasiados malvaviscas, subi otro volcan durmiente, cuyo unico ojo vigilaba, atravese el Eden de los lupinos y baje al Infierno Bumpass. Surgi y llege a la tierra de leche y miel, y alli fui transportada espiritualmente a uno plano superior por la cocina del restaurante Chez Panisse.

Ahora la experiencia esta dos semanas en el pasado y toda la comida aqui sabe a madera, no obstante la memoria de estas aventuras perdura en mi cerebro como un sueno bonito.

Earlier this month, I was on vacation in the beautiful region of northern California. I went camping, stood on the lip of the crater of a volcano, ate too many marshmallows, hiked another sleeping volcano whose sole eye kept watch, traversed the Eden of the lupines and descended into Bumpass Hell. I arose and arrived at the land of milk and honey, and there I was spiritually transported to a higher plane by the cuisine of Chez Panisse.

Now the experience is two weeks in the past and all food here tastes like wood, however the memory of these adventures linger in my brain like a beautiful dream.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
  Los Genios del Mar
Si hay algo que me haga querer superar mi miedo al agua y por fin aprender a nadar, seria la criatura increiblemente inteligente y bonita llamada a sepia. Aqui tiene un video con muchos experimentos interesantes que investigan los comportamientos curiosos y poderes de las sepias.

Me pregunto si las sepias pueden ver sus espaldas para conformarse el piel a las formas, los colores y las texturas de sus alrededores, o si pueden controlarse los cromatoforos por instinto. Supongo que seria dificil de mostrarles a las presas esos exhibiciones hiptonizantes si no por instinto o por lo menos por practica muy diligente.

If there is something that makes me want to overcome my fear of water and at last learn to swim, it would be the incredibly intelligent and beautiful creature called the cuttlefish. Here is a video with many interesting experiments that investigate the curious behaviors and powers of cuttlefish.

I wonder if cuttlefish can see their backs to conform their skin to the shapes, colors and textures of their surroundings, or if they can control their chromatophores by instinct. I guess it would be difficult to put on those mesmerizing displays to their prey if not by instinct or at least by very diligent practice.
Saturday, March 03, 2007
  Delicia Turca
Este miercoles pasado, asisti un concierto maravilloso y gratis en Jordan Hall del Conservatorio Nueva Inglaterra -- "Lale ve Kilic/El Tulipan y La Espada" por El Conjunto DUNYA Ince Saz, El Mehterhane Nueva Inglaterra de Tambor y Viento, y MAVI BAILE. Habia muchos instrumentos hermosos y ritmos raros y apasionante que nunca he visto o oido. Para mi, escuchar a esta musica era como entrar una dimension inexplorada. Cem Mutlu y Engin Gunaydin atravesaron los contornos vibrantes con precision, claridad y vitalidad. El cantante (y el lider del grupo, Mehmet Ali Sanlikol, tenia una voz suntuosa que recorria por las notas (incluso tonos que cayeron entre esos que estoy acostumbrada a oir) muy expresivamente. Habia varios momentos cuando las caras de los musicos se iluminaron con alegria exuberante, especialmente mientras que el clarinetista, Mal Barsamian, tocaba con brillantez y energia. El set final era extremadamente impresionante; evoco un procesion magnifico y majestuoso. El grupo que organizo este concierto tiene un sitio web con noticias de conciertos futuros: http://www.dunyainc.org/. Disfrutalos!

This past Wednesday, I attended a marvelous and free concert at Jordan Hall of New England Conservatory -- "Lale ve Kilic/The Tulip and the Sword" by the DUNYA Ince Saz Ensemble, the New England Drum and Winds Mehterhane and MAVI DANCE. There were many beautiful instruments and unusual and riveting rhythms which I have never seen or heard. For me, to listen to this music was like entering an unexplored dimension. Cem Mutlu and Engin Gunaydin traversed the vibrant contours with precision, clarity and vitality. The singer (and the leader of the group) Mehmet Ali Sanlikol, had an sumptuous voice that traveled across the notes (including tones that fell between those I am used to hearing) with brilliance and energy. The final set was extremely impressive; it evoked a magnificent and majestic procession. The group that organized this concert has a website with news of future concerts: http://www.dunyainc.org/. Enjoy them!
Sunday, December 10, 2006
  Blue Hills
Al fin de noviembre, dimos nuestra ultima caminata del ano. (Pero, quiza no, porque este invierno hace mucho calor). La Reservacion Colinas Azules se situa al sur de Boston. Abajo esta una mapa -- nuestro camino es marcado en puntos rojos.

At the end of November, we took our last hike of the year. (But, perhaps not, because this winter it is very warm.) The Blue Hills Reservation is situated to the south of Boston. Below is a map -- our path is marked in red dots:

La Torre Eliot/Eliot Tower

Senal de dedicatoria acerca de la Torre Eliot

Dedicatory sign near Eliot Tower:

La vista de la ciudad desde la reservacion

The view of the city from the reservation

Otro senal

Another sign

Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory.

La luna del crepusculo

Dusky moon

Friday, December 08, 2006
  Alien invasions
An obsessive alien from the planet Bloglodyte has executed a hostile takeover of my blog. Said alien transmutated a topic of my conversation and converted it into a blog entry, against my will. To protect alien's identity, said entry has been run through spellcheck.

Highway 110. This beautiful stretch of road connects Lawrence Mass to Lowell Mass. This satellite photo doesn't do it justice:

The highway follows the Merrimack River, a magestic stream. I wish I had a camera. But I guess you'll just have to trust me, go see it for yourself, it's worth the trip! (Not really worth the trip, but if you have to get from Lawrence to Lowell in a jiffy, much better than the 495 ~ Tulula).

Friday, November 17, 2006
  Mount Monadnock
Otro fin de semana, otra excursión a las montañas -- esta vez a Mt. Monadnock en el estado de Nuevo Hampshire. Esperaba un fácil paseo, pero me encontré agarrandose a las piedras para mi supervivencia. Por supuesto, habían varios niños pequeños subiendo la montaña sin miedo para avergonzarme. Confieso que a veces quería sentarme en una piedra y llorar. Ahora sé que padezco acrifobia. No obstante, la panorama de la cumbre era fantástica -- 360 grados. Aquí tienen unas fotografías:

Another weekend, another outing to the mountains -- this time to Mt. Monadnock in the state of New Hampshire. I was expecting an easy walk, but I found myself latching onto rocks for dear life. Of course, there were various little kids running up the mountain without fear to put me to shame. I confess that sometimes I wanted to sit on a rock and cry. Now I know that I suffer from acriphobia. Nevertheless, the view from the summit was fantastic -- 360 degrees. Here are some photographs:

Una osa atando los cordones de zapatos.
A bear tying her shoelaces.

El camino rocoso de la montaña.

The rocky mountain path.

Otra marca del Servicio Geologico de los Estados Unidos en la cumbre de la montaña.

Another U.S. Geological Survey marker on the summit of the mountain.

Friday, November 10, 2006
  La Caminata del Fin de Semana Pasada
El fin de semana pasada, fui a Middlesex Fells Reservacion, una corta distancia de Boston. Aqui tienes una mapa del parque. Nuestro excursion esta indicada con los puntos rojos:

Last weekend, we went to Middlesex Fells Reservation, a short distance from Boston. Here is a map of the park. Our route is indicated with the red dots:

Aqui tienes unas fotografias de nuestra caminata:

Here are some photos of our hike:

A photo from Pine Hill (you can see downtown Boston in the distance).

Una foto desde Colina de Pino (se puede ver el centro de Boston a lo lejos).

We found this US Geological Survey marker on a rock on Pine Hill.

Encontramos esta marca del Servicio Geologico de los Estados Unidos en una piedra en Colina de Pino.

La sombra de un arbol que se parece a un ser humano (solo una broma).

The shadow of a tree that looks like a human being (just kidding).

Autumn leaves.

Hojas de otoño.

El Embalse Fells. Una panorama tranquila.

The Fells Reservoir. A peaceful scene.


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